Latest news

04/18/2022 New release of the Tjger Game Pack as well as of all the other Java games based on that library, because there has been an issue with network communication. Special thanks to Joe for fixing the bug.
09/19/2017 New versions of the games Schnapsen, Roosting Rabbits, Trap the Wizard, Cuatro, Cross the Barrier, Hunt for the Crown and FourWins. These games are also available for Android.
01/04/2017 Release 1.5 of the Tjger Game Pack now includes the game Cross the Barrier and some other new games.
06/12/2016 Release 0.97 of the personal organizer tool Panda has a bug fix and is written for Java 7 and 8.
02/12/2016 The application KALC is now also available for Android and calculates the additional load for karts for weight compensation.
03/01/2014 The tool ShutdownUI allows time based shutdown of the operating system in a convenient way.